We’re on a mission to empower haulers to get the most out of their businesses

Our Story

While working for one of the largest waste haulers in North America, I saw firsthand that if you weren't a "national" hauler, you had inadequate tools to run your business. Simply put, smaller haulers weren’t being given a fair shake.

What exactly do I mean?

Well, you’d often see larger haulers utilizing software that would make their operations very efficient, whereas you'd see smaller haulers still running their businesses on pen and paper or spreadsheets. Smaller haulers lose a ton of productivity running their businesses this way.

So, why was there such a large gap between how the larger haulers ran their businesses relative to the smaller haulers?

It came down to one thing: all the software that had been developed for the waste industry was only built for larger haulers – and the problem with this type of software is that it's both too expensive and painfully complex for a smaller hauler to use. Because of this inequality, I left my job in the industry to build Basestation.

Basestation is a software solution specifically built for small- and medium-sized waste & recycling haulers to manage their business from one, centralized system. Our software helps haulers with everything from scheduling routes and tracking assets to dispatching drivers and billing customers.

We're on a mission to empower smaller haulers to start competing against “the big guys” in waste management and to get the most out of their businesses. We've developed a simple, powerful, and most importantly, affordable software solution for haulers – and we can’t wait to help take your business to the next level with Basestation!
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