Docket vs. Basestation (Software Comparison)

November 25, 2023
4 minute read

The waste hauling business has several unique challenges that must be overcome to stay ahead. However, most waste management business challenges are mitigated with industry-specific software.

Docket and Basestation are good examples of the need for effective dumpster management software. But how can you choose between Docket dumpster software vs Basestation? To decide which one is right for you, you must dive into the features and how they help you run your business. 

Docket vs. Basestation: Feature Breakdown

Any software you choose for your waste hauling business will need to meet several needs including order management, billing, communications and even tracking and reporting. Here are the top features that Docket’s dumpster rental software and Basestation offer to streamline businesses in the dumpster rental industry. 

Docket Overview & Top Features

Docket dumpster software is a simple and user-friendly software solution for the modern waste removal industry. This all-in-one waste management solution provides businesses with data collection, tracking, and monitoring capabilities, along with real-time actionable insights and reporting. 

Docket has a variety of features that help with everything from managing the day-to-day operations of your business. 

Scheduling & Dispatching

Running a waste hauling business relies on accurate scheduling and dispatching of orders. Assign tasks to your employees using Docket dumpster software and monitor their progress on-screen. From there, you can monitor their progress and make any necessary changes to their schedule. 

Automated Notifications 

Client communication is an integral part of the Docket software package. Use the customizable email and text notifications to let the customer know that their orders are in progress, or completed. You decide how to use them and keep customers in the know.

Driver App

Your drivers can access their daily tasks and timesheets on an app designed just for them. This keeps them up-to-date with their duties, on their mobile devices. Add-on features for the driver app, when necessary, are available on an employee-by-employee basis


Despite your best efforts, billing issues can always occur. With Docket, you are able to deal with any issues efficiently with real-time billing. This keeps your financial processes on track and enables you to notice discrepancies quickly so you can handle them promptly.  Docket offers customizable fields for tax rates, fuel surcharges, and other fees. 

Easy Reporting

Docket dumpster rental software has printable and exportable reports to help you stay on top of your business. 

Basestation Overview & Top Features 

Basestation is a cloud-based software solution built for waste management companies to streamline their hauling operations, with the goal of helping haulers increase productivity and profitability. Basestation simplifies your entire hauling operations by streamlining workflows, saving time, and reducing logistical issues with features like order management, routing and dispatching, asset tracking, billing, payment processing, and reporting and analytics.

Basestation has the best features that help you focus on simplifying and improving your entire hauling operation.


Any business with remote capabilities will always have an edge. As a cloud-based software solution, Basestation works when and where you work. It can be accessed anywhere, at anytime, with ease – no physical download or installation necessary.

Order Management 

Basestation’s order management is part of a centralized hub of management tools for order taking and scheduling. The system lets you stay organized and save time by scheduling orders and managing customer data securely, all in one system.

Routing & Dispatching

With Basestation, you can manage all your customer and scheduling information from one, centralized system. Basestation offers real-time, on-demand dispatching, which allows you to streamline communication between dispatchers and drivers.

Minimize mistakes and wasted time going back-and-forth with your drivers – with Basestation, everyone is working off of the same information at all times, in real-time. Plan and manage your routes from one system and make modifications on-the-go.

Asset Tracking

Security is always a concern when you have a fleet of heavy-duty trucks on the road and dumpsters in the field. With Basestation’s asset tracking features, you know exactly where your assets are at all times. This ensures assets don’t go missing or sit idle for too long.

Billing, Invoicing, & Payments

Automatically bill your customers without any of the headaches associated with traditional accounting software. Basestation will simplify your accounting processes by allowing you to easily invoice and collect payment from customers in a matter of minutes, not hours. 

Driver Hub App

The truck driver shortage is a real issue today, but having an easy-to-use Driver App, like Basestation’s, will make the jobs of your drivers easier, and ultimately, help you retain them. The Driver App allows you to optimize your drivers' routes and communicate all scheduling details directly to their mobile device in real-time.

Real-Time Notifications

Some customers will always be more demanding than others. Utilizing Basestation's real-time text message and email notification feature will help your customer service receive a massive boost as customers will stay informed of their order status at all times. This will help improve customer engagement and overall customer service for your business. 

Reporting & Analytics

When you understand how your business is performing, you are in the best position to scale and improve your operations. Basestation's in-depth operating and financial reports, based on real data, will help you make data-driven decisions that will help streamline your operations and improve profitability. 

Final Thoughts

Both Docket dumpster software and Basestation will streamline your business processes, but Basestation provides the simplest solution for the issues that matter the most.

Are you looking for affordable waste management software that’s user-friendly, yet delivers top-tier results? Basestation will keep you competitive and relevant in an industry often dominated by larger players.

Our software aligns with our mission – making it easier for small- and medium-sized waste haulers to succeed in the waste industry - book a demo today!