6 Best Dumpster Rental Software Solutions

June 23, 2023
5 min read

If you're in the dumpster rental business, managing your operations manually can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process. As your business grows, it can become increasingly difficult to manage multiple clients, track dumpsters, dispatch drivers, and collect payments. This is why you need to invest in a reliable dumpster rental software solution.

Dumpster rental software enables you to automate and streamline your business processes. It makes it much easier to manage and control all aspects of your rental services. From tracking orders and scheduling routes to managing customer data and automating billing, the right solution can help you maximize efficiency while minimizing costs.

Read this article to find out everything you need to know about dumpster rental software. We will cover:

  • What Is Dumpster Rental Software?
  • Benefits of Dumpster Rental Software
  • 6 Best Dumpster Rental Software Solutions
  • How to Choose the Right Dumpster Rental Software for Your Business

What Is Dumpster Rental Software?

Dumpster rental software is a system specifically designed to help businesses in the dumpster rental industry manage their operations more efficiently. This software helps companies handle all aspects of the business, including:

  • Scheduling deliveries and pickups
  • Tracking dumpsters
  • Dispatching drivers
  • Handling customer payments
  • Providing invoicing services
  • Managing contracts and agreements

Additionally, it also offers features that allow you to manage orders, communicate with drivers, and receive instant notifications to keep you up to date.

Benefits of Dumpster Rental Software

Below are some of the benefits that come with using dumpster rental software:

Increase Efficiencies

Dumpster rental software can automate many standard business processes including scheduling, route optimization, inventory tracking, and customer billing. As a result, you don’t need to manually enter information into multiple systems – everything is managed from one, centralized system, which will free up time for your team to focus on providing exceptional service for your customers.

Moreover, dumpster rental software enables you to quickly generate reports and gain visibility into your operations so that you can identify areas that could be running more efficiently.

Eliminate Paperwork

When you’re working with paper, it’s easy for important documents to get lost or misplaced and it makes it difficult for teams to access information. By storing information in a cloud system, dumpster rental software reduces the need for paperwork. This significantly cuts down on time spent doing administrative work and makes it easier for your team to access the information they need.

Enhance Communication

The best dumpster rental software solutions offer integrated communication tools that enable you to stay connected with your drivers and customers. 

With advanced routing and dispatching features, you can update driver routes and schedules in minutes without needing to distract them with phone calls or text messages.

Dumpster rental software also enables you to send real-time SMS and email notifications to update your customers on the status of their dumpster pickup or delivery so that they are always informed. You can also set automated messages for reminders and updates. 

6 Best Dumpster Rental Software Solutions

Here are six of the best dumpster rental software solutions for businesses in the waste management industry.

1. Basestation

Basestation is a cloud-based software solution built for haulers in the waste management industry. Basestation allows haulers to manage their businesses from one, centralized system - helping them with everything from scheduling routes and dispatching drivers to tracking dumpsters and billing customers.

Main Features

  • Order Management: Manage customer and scheduling information from one, centralized system
  • Dumpster Tracking: Know where your dumpsters are at all times, in real-time.
  • Routing & Dispatching: Plan, modify, and manage routes in minutes, not hours.
  • Driver App: Communicate scheduling details directly to your driver’s smartphone or tablet.
  • Billing & Invoicing: Automate the billing process so that you don’t spend hours manually invoicing customers.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Send automated real-time notifications to customers to keep them informed on the status of their dumpster. 
  • Reporting & Analytics: Quickly generate reports and analyze data to make better business decisions.

2. WAM

WAM is a dumpster rental software designed with waste management and hauling businesses in mind. Its suite of tools helps users streamline their daily operations, manage inventory and customer orders, and maximize efficiencies. 

Main Features

  • Inventory Management: Users can view the status and location of each dumpster.
  • Driver Mobile App: Drivers can track their routes, receive customer requests in real time, and update job statuses.
  • Billing & Accounting: WAM offers easy-to-use invoicing and billing tools to help you manage your accounts receivable.
  • Route Optimization: The platform uses predictive analytics to suggest the best routes in order to maximize efficiency.


AMCS offers integrated tools that allow you to manage your entire operation from one place. The software provides features for scheduling pick-ups and drop-offs and tracking dumpsters, vehicles, and drivers. You can also optimize driver routes and track your assets in real time. 

Main Features

  • Scheduling & Dispatching: Users can quickly build and manage order sheets, keep track of inventory levels, see assets available at any given time, and dispatch jobs as needed.
  • Tracking: AMCS tracking feature allows users to monitor containers in real-time and better manage their fleet.
  • Invoicing & Billing: Create invoices and bills easily, track payments, generate reports, and more.

4. Box Tracker

Box Tracker is a full-service dumpster rental software that simplifies the process of ordering, scheduling, and managing waste services. It offers an intuitive client portal with easy access to important information such as delivery and collection points, billing history, invoices, and more. 

Main Features

  • Account Management: Easily manage jobs and customer accounts. This includes contact management, contract management, customer issues ticketing, and more. 
  • Operations Management: Box Tracker provides users with tools to help manage collections, deliveries, and inventory. It also helps customers increase efficiency by automating certain tasks, such as scheduling pickups or sorting waste materials.
  • Billing A/R Management: The platform features an automated billing and accounts receivable system for tracking invoices, payments, and other important financial data.
  • Mobile App: Use the mobile app to manage your accounts, track trucks, and view collection reports while out in the field.
  • Analytics and reporting: Get better insights into your business with real-time data. This includes financial reports, customer profiles, truck performance metrics, collection efficiency ratings, and more. 

5. Dumpster Rental Systems (DRS)

Dumpster Rental Systems (DRS) is an online dumpster rental software solution that helps businesses manage their waste removal operations. With its comprehensive suite of features, DRS makes it easy to track and manage the entire process from start to finish. It automates tasks such as booking, scheduling, invoicing, payment collection, reporting, and more.

Main Features

  • Inventory Tracking: Keep track of all your inventory, including dumpster sizes, pricing, and delivery availability.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Generate detailed reports to monitor your waste removal operations.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Access key analytics and reports to get insights into your business performance.

6. Routeware

Routeware is a fleet waste management and dumpster rental solution that makes it easy to manage all aspects of waste services businesses. It provides a single, centralized hub for tracking pickups, invoicing customers, monitoring driver performance, and more.

Main Features

  • Billing & Invoicing: Quickly create and send invoices to customers, as well as set up automated recurring billing.
  • Operations Management: Users can track and manage pickups, deliveries, customer orders, and container inventory.
  • Mobile App:  Provides drivers with real-time access to route information, order notifications, and more.
  • Route Optimization: This feature allows for the automatic optimization of routes, which helps maximize efficiency and reduce operating costs.

How to Choose the Right Dumpster Rental Software for Your Business

Here are a few tips for choosing the best dumpster rental software for your business:

Understand Your Needs

The first step in finding the right dumpster rental software is to understand what you need it to do. Are you looking for a basic system with simple features or something more complex? Do you need tracking and invoicing functions, or are those secondary concerns? 

Knowing what features are must-haves and which ones are nice-to-haves will help you narrow down your options.

Compare Features

Once you have a better idea of the features you need, compare the different software solutions on the market to see which one best fits your requirements. Look at pricing, customer service, and user reviews to get a good idea of each product.

Consider Scalability

When choosing dumpster rental software, you should also consider scalability. Many businesses outgrow their software solutions quickly. Make sure the system you choose can scale with your business as it grows over time.

Evaluate Usability

Usability is vital when selecting dumpster rental software, as it will have a big impact on your user experience and satisfaction. Make sure the software you choose has an intuitive interface that’s easy to use and understand.

Check for Security

Check to make sure the software you’re considering is up-to-date and secure. Look for industry-standard encryption protocols and other security features that will help keep your data safe.


When looking for the best dumpster rental software for your business, weigh each software solution carefully and consider the features, cost, and ease of use before making your final decision.

For user-friendly dumpster rental software with all the features you need to run your business, look no further than Basestation. It offers comprehensive features and services, as well as a robust platform that is easy for dispatchers and drivers.

With Basestation, you can easily manage your entire dumpster rental business in one place, ensuring better efficiency and profitability for your business. Book a demo today!