Box Tracker vs. Basestation (Software Comparison)

August 28, 2023
3 minute read

Waste management software is designed for use in the waste hauling, dumpster rental, and recycling industries. It can be used to manage everything from order-taking and route assignments to customer payments and more. However, like any industry-specific software, the features are the key to its success.

Two of the top waste hauling software options are Box Tracker and Basestation. But in a comparison of their features, how does each solution hold up? 

If you are undecided between Box Tracker vs Basestation for waste management, this guide is for you. We examine each platform’s top features and benefits and assess which of the two best meets the challenges of the modern waste management industry.

Box Tracker vs. Basestation Feature Comparison

The waste management business is a very competitive industry. How successful you are will come down to how efficiently you operate your business, making it essential to have the right management tools at your disposal.

The waste management software you use is one of your most important assets. Here is an outline of the top features offered by Box Tracker and Basestation so that you can compare and find the best solution for your business.  

Box Tracker Overview & Top Features

Box Tracker dumpster software is a cloud-based waste management system that is delivered as a website application, ideal for use on all devices. It is tailored to meet the needs of the waste management industry. 

Box Tracker is well suited to small to mid-sized waste-hauling businesses that are looking to move on from their in-house systems.

Multiple Access Options

Box Tracker’s features can all be accessed from the secure operations center on dumpster software. Run the Box Tracker application from your desktop, laptop computer, or tablet for waste management coordination on the go.

Accept New Orders Remotely

The order taker application allows non-dispatch employees to enter work orders from anywhere. They can access current container availability data including the upcoming ten days’ orders, to assess capacity for new orders. These new orders will then automatically display on the dispatcher's screen.

Driver-Specific Features

With the addition of Box Tracker Driver, assigning routes to drivers is simple and hassle-free. They find their destinations quickly and easily with on-board mapping. Once they arrive at their assigned pick-up locations, drivers can record container activity and document on-site conditions.

Simplified Accounting 

Box Tracker’s accounting features facilitate billing and payments, too. The system generates invoices based on your customized pricing sheets, and the double-entry bookkeeping system automates your billing process. The credit card processing feature further streamlines your transactional experience.

Mapping & Tracking 

Box Tracker software integrates with MapIt! on Google Maps, to provide continuous, and accurate location data through GPS, for drivers (every 30 seconds), work orders, and containers. Map layers and filters keep you up-to-date with traffic congestion, so you can give drivers instructions for new routes. 

Basestation Overview & Top Features

Basestation is a cloud-based software solution built for waste management companies to streamline their hauling operations, with the goal of helping haulers increase productivity and profitability. Basestation acts as the central hub for waste haulers to schedule orders and routes, dispatch drivers, track assets, and bill and invoice customers.

Basestation is a scalable solution that all waste haulers will find useful, even those new to the industry – this is due to the user-friendly and intuitive design of the software.

Cloud-based – access anywhere, anytime

With nothing to download or install, you can get up and running on Basestation within weeks, not months. Access everything you need remotely - whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the road.

Comprehensive Routing & Dispatching System

With Basestation, you can manage all your customer and scheduling information from one, centralized system. Basestation offers real-time, on-demand dispatching, which allows you to streamline communication between dispatchers and drivers. Minimize mistakes and wasted time going back-and-forth with your drivers – with Basestation, everyone is working off of the same information at all times, in real-time.

Real-Time Communication with Drivers via Driver Hub App

Whether you’re just starting a waste management business or are in the process of expansion, your biggest asset is your drivers – but your drivers need consistent and accurate information to do their jobs. Thanks to the Driver Hub app, you can communicate scheduling details and changes directly to your driver’s smartphone or tablet.

Mapping & Asset Tracking

Route optimization is crucial in the waste management industry. It allows you to plan faster and more cost-effective routes -manage and modify your routes with ease using Basestation’s route mapping features.

Knowing exactly where your assets are is crucial. With Basestation’s real-time asset tracking, never let your inventory or assets go missing or sit idle on a job site again.

Simplified Accounting

There’s no need for an accounting degree or hours of invoicing. Basestation’s simplified billing and accounting features make the financial side of your business a breeze. Easily invoice and collect payment from customers in a matter of minutes, not hours.

Enhance Customer Service with Real-Time Notifications

Whether you’re offering residential, commercial, or roll off dumpster rental waste services, providing high quality customer service is key. To ensure your customers are satisfied, you need to provide real-time updates through efficient communication channels. This is even more important when rerouting drivers. With Basestation’s SMS and email notification system, update customers on the status of their service.

Monitor & Analyze Business Performance 

Understand how your business is performing with Basestation’s in-depth operating and financial reports, which offers insights into how you can improve your operations.  

Final Thoughts

In the comparison of Box Tracker dumpster software vs Basestation, it’s clear that both Box Tracker and Basestation offer excellent features tailor-made for waste management. 

So if you want to improve your efficiency but keep things simple, which should you choose? Basestation really has all the features you need. Basestation offers a simple, affordable, and easy-to-use software solution to enhance your waste hauling business. It has all the features you need to improve order taking, route scheduling, driver communications, billing and payment capabilities, and customer satisfaction - book your demo today!